Аудиокнига 'Слово о полку Игореве'


The Song of Igor's Campaign, Igor son of Svyatoslav and grandson of Oleg. Chapter 17


The sun shines in the sky:
Prince Igor is on Russian soil.
Maidens sing on the Danube;
[their?] voices weave
across the sea
to Kiev.
Igor rides up the Borichev [slope]
to the Blessed Virgin of the Tower;
countries rejoice,
cities are merry.


After singing a song
to the old princes
one must then sing to the young:

Glory to Igor son of Svyatoslav;
to Wild Bull Vsevolod;
to Vladimir son of Igor!
Hail, princes and knights
fighting for the Christians
against the pagan troops!
To the princes glory, and to the knights
[glory] — Amen.


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